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  Shanghai Beion Medical Technology Co.,LTD is a leading medical technology company specialized in manufacturing, marketing and sales of medical products. Since 1998, Beion started the development, marketing and distribution of micro-image diagnosis software in testing medical science. All the software are authenticated and approved by Chinese official specialists and government after massive clinical experiments. Beion has successfully served more than 500 customers located in different provinces of China. It is not only the largest domestic supplier in micro medical image treatment software , but also one of the domestic suppliers that can provide the most wide range of image analysis software in clinical laboratory.
The main business of Beion is Urine Sediment Analysis, Automatic Karyotyping of human chromosomes, Bone Marrow Cell Morphology, Sperm Analysis, Clinical Pathology Morphology and Blood Corpuscle Morphology. The target markets that Beion has been serving are Clinical laboratories, Medical Research, etc.

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Chromosome Auto-Karyotyping

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